Country musician of The Voice fame, Josh Gallagher, released his self-titled debut EP

From the beginning to the end of the EP, Josh Gallagher’s forceful vocal ability is prevalent. Showcasing an arrangement of illuminating instrumental melodies and clear, strong vocals, the EP is a stunning debut for Gallagher.

The album kicks off with the Preacher’s Kid, a display of country excellence. Josh passionately belts out lyrics asking for people to pardon the preacher’s son as he is burdened by his father’s title. A thundering percussive beat and electric guitar riffs support Josh.



In an article published by Broadwayworld on Saturday, 16 February 2018, Josh commented on the album’s lead single How Bout You, stating: “It’s that face, that front you put on during a breakup where you have to act like you’re perfectly fine but on the inside you’re losing your mind over it.”